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Homework 2

Due Saturday 27 August 2016 at 11:59 PM Central time.

Homework 2 has been posted to github.

Do the following:

  • Connect to the cl server using ssh
  • On the cl server, use git clone to clone your HW2 repository from github
  • In your hw2 directory, create a file called
  • Use vi (or emacs) to edit
  • The first line of your file must be a shebang line that indicates the script should be run using bash.
  • When executed, your script should print the message “Hello, world” to standard output
  • Your script must include a one line comment explaining how your script causes “Hello, world” to be printed
  • Use chmod to make the file executable
  • Run the script to verify that it works
  • Use git add to add
  • Use git commit. Use a meaningful commit message.
  • Use git push to turn in the assignment