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Homework 03

This assignment requires you to practice using some of the commands from the assigned readings.

If you are not sure what commands to use:

  • Try using apropos to find the relevant man page(s)
  • Read the relevant man page(s)
  • Review the relevant section of the textbook

Man pages contain a wealth of relevant information. Before you begin the assignment, you may find it helpful to re-read the man pages for at least the following commands:

  • cal
  • cut
  • grep
  • head
  • ls
  • mkdir
  • pwd
  • sort
  • tail
  • uniq
  • wc

Use of git is required

You are required to use git for this assignment.

To check out the homework assignment (you’ll need to substitute the current four-digit year for YYYY, the current homework number for XX, and substitute your actual Github username):

  • ssh
  • git clone

Your workflow should be as follows:

First, edit one of the scripts, using the text editor of your choice.

Next, commit your changes using git:

  • git add
  • git push

You should follow the above steps after every edit of the file.

Testing your scripts

It is your responsibility to test each script to verify that it functions correctly.