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Syllabus is subject to change

Academic Integrity

This course follows the University of Illinois Student Code regarding Academic Integrity. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also has an excellent web page on the topic. You are expected to read these resources prior to the second day of class, and to understand your responsibilities with regard to Academic Integrity.

All work submitted for this class must be solely your own. Violations of Academic Integrity include, but are not limited to, copying, cheating, and unapproved collaboration. Violations will not be tolerated.


Students are expected complete all assigned readings and video lectures prior to the class for which they are assigned.

  • Daily Participation: 10%
  • Daily Quizzes: 10%
  • Homework Assignments: 50%
  • Exam(s): 30%

Grades will be assessed on a 10-point fixed letter grade system. Grading on a curve will not be used. In the table below, square brackets and parentheses are used to indicate inclusive and exclusive endpoints, respectively.

Letter grade Percentage range
A  [93-97)
A- [90-93)
B  [83-87)
B- [80-83)
C  [73-77)
C- [70-73)
D  [63-67)
D- [60-63)
F  [0-60)


If a student has a disability or condition that requires special consideration, the student is expected to present the requisite letter from the University Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services no later than the beginning of the second day of class.

Absences from class / Make-up policy

If a student will be absent from class for any reason, the student is expected to inform the course instructor by email ahead of time; the subject of the email should be "LING 415: Absent from class", and the body of the email should contain your first name, last name, NetID, and Github ID. In addition, prior to the missed class, a file called absent.txt must be pushed to the student's github repository for daily assignments; each line of this file should be a line containing the date the student will be absent, in the form YYYY-MM-DD. Daily participation and quiz credit for excused absences may, at the discretion of the instructor, be made up by means of additional assignments; such make-up work will typically be allowed only when arranged prior to the absence, or in the case of significant unforeseeable mitigating circumstances.

Late work policy

Homework assignments are expected to be turned in on time. Homework turned in late will be docked 5 percentage points per day late (this corresponds approximately to half of a letter grade per day late). However, it is understood that illness and other extraordinary events do occur from time to time. In order to accommodate such extraordinary events, students will be allotted a budget of five penalty-free late days for which no late penalty will be assessed. If a student wishes to make use of a penalty-free late day, the student must email the instructor (using the subject heading "LING 415: Penalty-free late day") prior to the assignment deadline; the body of the email should contain your first name, last name, NetID, and Github ID. In addition, prior to each deadline (original or extended if more than one penalty-free late day is used on any given assignment), a file called late.txt must be pushed to the student's github repository for the corresponding assignment; the contents of this file should be one line containing each deadline that will be missed, in the form YYYY-MM-DD. Penalty-free late days are intended to accommodate unforeseeable extraordinary events, not poor planning or poor time management.

For some or all homework assignments, the assignment will be discussed in class or a solution will be presented after the homework deadline. Under no circumstances will late work be accepted after such discussion or solution has been presented to the class.